Who We Are

TD TRAVEL & LOGISTICS NIG. LTD is a full service travel solution provider; offering travel services to corporate companies, individuals and group travelers an all inclusive travel option such as; airlines e-tickets, travel insurance, hotels, airport protocol, chartered flight, jet operations, car rental, general cargo logistics; adventure travel and provides recreational and business travelers with professional services and travel consultation.


TD TRAVEL & LOGISTICS NIG. LTD is a well established travel management company, equipped with modern facilities to meet the needs of the traveling public. TD is a public limited liability company registered under Nigerian law of companies and allied matters act of 1990. TD is also an accredited International Air Transport Association (I.A.T.A) agency with an authority to transact all airlines related business in Nigeria.

TD TRAVEL & LOGISTICS NIG. LTD will position itself as a specialist in the field of general aviation and allied business which will generate the majority of its income from this business. Our excellence is driven by a knowledge sharing, value adding culture that has yielded the most insightful product for our clients and tremendous competitive results. Our vision for travel and cargo logistics research is to be our clients’ first call. To meet this goal, our analysts excel at differentiated information gathering, value added information processing, superior travel planning recommendations and unrivaled customer service

Our company expects to fill a void in traditional travel of selling only airline tickets by projecting corporate image and our strategy places premium on quality travel options with comfort and a friendly business environment.