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15 non-west African countries Nigerians can travel to without visa

Please note that there’s a stipulated length of time for which you can stay in these countries without a visa



Please note that there’s a stipulated length of time for which you can stay in these countries without a visa, when this period elapses, you’ll be required to obtain a visa.

Here’s a list of countries Nigerians can travel to without a Visa.

1. Bangladesh

playDhaka, Bangladesh (YouTube)

Get a Visa in this beautiful South Asian country on arrival (stamp). For 30 days enjoy Bangladesh for little or nothing.

2. Barbados

25. St. James, Barbados — £134.13.playBarbados (Shutterstock/graham tomlin)

Barbados is one of a few Caribbean countries that do not require visas from Nigerians.

However, entry is to the discretion of Barbadian immigration officials as they can easily refuse entry if they are suspicious of you intending to stay and work in Barbados.

3. Maldives

The next destination on his bucket list? The Maldives, where he's headed for his 18th birthday in March next year.playMaldives (Flickr/Mac Qin)

Hit the Maldives for 30 days without a visa but your Nigerian passport.

4. Mauritius

18. Grand Baie, Mauritius — £114.31 ($152.01).playMauritius (Shutterstock/Quality Master)

Visit this beautiful island for two weeks without a visa.

5. Cambodia

Tourists ride bamboo-lined flat trollies on one of Cambodia's abandoned colonial-era train tracks in BattambangplayCambodia (AFP)

Get a Visa on arrival in Cambodia for little or nothing at the airport. Beware of Immigration officers though.

6. Cameroon

playCameroon (AFP/File)

Visit this central African country on the Gulf of Guinea for 90days without a Visa.

7. Cape Verde

8. Cape Verde — 116.8%: The tiny Portuguese-speaking island nation in the Atlantic has seen its debt burden grow rapidly in recent years, with the debt-to-GDP ratio jumping from 70% in 2010.playCape Verde (Shutterstock)

Although a West African country, visa invitation letters are usually necessary from the visa applicant when travelling to Cape Verde from Nigeria.

All countries in West Africa will admit Nigerians without a passport for 90 days.

8. Chad

Boko Haram has killed 31 fishermen a week after authorities lifted a two-year ban on fishing in Lake Chad, which straddles Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon and ChadplayChad (AFP/File)

Go to this Central Africa country visa-free for three months only.

9. Comoros

The beach at Itsandra Beach Resort in Comoros.playComoros (Henrik Jeppesen)

Stamp your passport on arrival for a little fee.

10. Djibouti

Opposition says 19 dead in Djibouti violence, govt says only 9 woundedplayDjibouti (Sky Scraper City)

Visit this republic bordered by Eritrea in the north, Ethiopia in the west and south and Somalia in the East, for nothing.

11. Dominica

24. DominicaplayDominica (Shutterstock)

Yet another country Nigerians can visit visa-free for six months.

12. Fiji



Visit the sensational Fiji islands for a period of four months.

13. Haiti

13. HaitiplayHaiti (Flickr/leecannon)

Enjoy this hotspot for three months without a visa.

14. Iran

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif will visit Doha on Monday for talks on relations between Iran and Qatar that have caused tensions in the GulfplayIran (AFP)

Iran is your next destination? Visit for 30 days.

15. Madagascar

A man pushes a bicycle near a vanilla plantation forest in Madagascar's Sava region.playMadagascar (AFP/File)

This east African country will admit you for 90 days.

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