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TD TRAVEL & LOGISTICS NIG. LTD is a full service travel solution provider; offering travel services to corporate companies, individuals and group travelers an all inclusive travel option such as; airlines e-tickets, travel insurance, hotels, airport protocol, chartered flight, jet operations, car rental, general cargo logistics; adventure travel and provides recreational and business travelers with professional services and travel consultation.

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  • Visa Assistance
  • Flight Ticket Sales
  • Tour Packaging
  • Hotels Reservation (Local and International)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Airport Protocols Assistance
  • General Cargo Service

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We created a platform that helps us serve you better On this platform, your travel request will be attended to immediately order is placed without us waiting for payment. By this method, we try to build a relationship founded on trust

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We have a payment policy and plan of twenty (20) days from the time of order place. This gives the client payment flexibility and comfortability. We also have an extended payment plan of one (1) month ‘grace period’ after six (6) months of rendering our service to you.

Note that this service is only activated after terms and conditions have been agreed to legally by both parties involved.

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We will not be held liable for ANY error on the client’s part as to the information provided which would be inputed. So, we advice that clients be fully convinced that there is no error in the information provided to us.

We will also not be held liable for ANY important information omission from the client’s end that will facilitate smooth processing of client’s orders.